Kids Education Revolution

A few weeks ago I was selected to participate in the KER Learning Loop. If you would like to see my KER interview, you can see it here. As a part of the Learning Loop, I had the opportunity to attend the KER National Summit. Kids Education Revolution (KER) is a collective of schools, organizations and individuals that aims to reimagine education through student leadership. One of the most important constituents of KER was the National Summit, which Mr. Declan my IB head and I attended.

KER largely focuses on what constitutes a useful education by listening to and learning from student leaders. They aim to improve education by giving students agency. They believe that the current dynamic of the education system making decisions for our kids should be reimagined to an education with our kids.

It was a fantastic experience and it has really made me think about what a good education should look like.

-Taarini Weling