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Come and join us for our second TEDx@DSBInternationalSchool!

The theme for 2019 is Defying the Limiting and we have included speakers who are able to talk about how their endeavours have pushed back barriers and broken new ground at a personal level, or for the wider society.

The event is organised by 2 Grade 11 students.

Dear Members of the DSB Community, and friends.

We are pleased to announce that the second annual TEDxDSBInternationalSchool is taking place on the 11th of May, 2019 at Aurum House 11:30 am onwards. This year's event is being organized by two of our IB students: Hriiday Aggarwal and Jai Johnson.

The theme of this year's event is 'Defying the Limiting'.

The speakers of this year's TEDx are:

  • Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani- the Managing director of the Hiranandani Group.
  • Padmashree Dr Rustom Soonawala- A leading Gynecologist.
  • Mr. Jürgen Hase- CEO of UMLIMIT expert in Internet of Things.
  • Ms. Darshana Gajare- Founder and CEO of Fairtrunk.
  • Ms. Anjali Shah- Founder and Chairman of PIFA, Member of AIFF (All India Football Federation).
  • Mr. Vijay Kedia- MD of Kedia Investments.
  • Mr.Afsaar Maniyar- Co-founder of Project IQ 16 year old Student.
  • Ms. Rutika Muchhala- CEO and C0-Founder of Scribe.