Bombay is now Mumbai

Relocating to Mumbai can be an incredible adventure! With just over 22 million people live in Mumbai, making it the second-biggest city in India and one of the most populous cities in the world. The official language of the state of Maharashtra is Marathi however most people speak, Hindi, Gujarati and most importantly English.

Diversity at Core

The rich mix of cultures, religions, and languages practiced by the various demographic groups living in Mumbai are an important part of cultural life. With countless traditional festivals originating from the city’s various religious groups and spread out across the year, Mumbai is one of the most vibrant cities in the country. The streets of Mumbai can be at times heavy congested however the best way of getting around is with your private driver, Uber or Taxi.

You ask, Mumbai has it

In Mumbai, you have achoice between hypermarkets in one of the immensely popular luxury shopping malls, supermarkets, local food stalls, and farmers’ markets. You can find everything you just have to look for it! Mumbai is considered a safe cizzty compared to other big cities in India.

When looking for an apartment the most popular expat neighborhoods in Mumbai in the mid town area are Worli, Lower Parel, and Prabhadevi and the very affluent residential areas are in southern Mumbai.

International Food Plaza

Mumbai also carries the reputation of being the food capital of the world - a melting pot of all the country’s cuisines and a global offering of several internationally renowned chef restaurants including popular brands. Mumbai is experimenting with flavours and formats that are transforming India’s food landscape. You can get spoilt for choice, and there is a throbbing energy to the city’s restaurant scene, a sense that a chef can do anything and the only rule is courage.