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Beyond Boundaries Symposium: Advancing Student Attainment

DSB Symposium 2023

A Global Symposium to Transform Education

Experience a transformative exploration of education's future at the Beyond Boundaries Symposium. Spread across three purposefully designed stages, we invite you to immerse yourself in the myriad facets of contemporary education, from the dynamics of classroom learning to the global reverberations of today's pedagogical practices.

The Classroom - Ground Floor

The essence of education starts here. Dive deep into riveting talks and panels centered around the modern classroom's heartbeat. Discover how schools like DSB International are pushing boundaries, challenging traditional norms, and implementing innovative strategies to elevate student engagement and academic outcomes.

The School - 1st Floor

Beyond the classroom, the broader canvas of school education awaits. Engage with thought leaders as they dissect the multifaceted challenges and opportunities schools encounter in this rapidly changing 21st-century landscape. How are schools adapting? What role do parents play? These questions and more will be unraveled here.

The World - 4th Floor

Education does not exist in a vacuum. In this enlightening section, attendees will explore the far-reaching impact of educational practices on global communities, economies, and societal structures. Conversations here will bridge cultural divides, fostering a holistic understanding of education's role in a borderless world.

Event Schedule

Friday (20th Oct : 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm): Begin with a curated blend of student research presentations, reflecting the school's dedication to nurturing independent thinkers and researchers. Following this, engage with the school's leadership as they tackle some of the most pressing questions in education today. The evening reaches its crescendo with Dr. Howard Gee's keynote, welcoming us to a weekend of diverse thinking and learning.

Saturday (21th Oct : 10:00 am - 1:00 pm): The dawn brings a deep dive into the digital age's nuances. How is technology reshaping the educational terrain? What promises and pitfalls does it bring? Engage with experts as they dissect these themes, laying bare the 21st century's educational blueprint.

Saturday (21th Oct : 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm): As the day progresses, shift focus to the broader skills essential for this century. From critical thinking to emotional intelligence, explore the competencies that promise to shape future leaders and innovators.

Sunday (22th Oct : 10:00 am - 2:30 pm): The symposium's finale promises reflections and forward-thinking discussions on teaching and learning approaches. Engage with pedagogical pioneers as they chart the course for future educational landscapes.


Beyond discussions, tangible skill-building awaits. Curated workshops designed for both educators and parents promise hands-on experiences, ensuring attendees leave not just with ideas but with tools and strategies to make meaningful changes in their educational spheres.

DSB's Unique TEDdyX Event

Amidst the symposium's intellectual fervor, pause and marvel at DSB's young visionaries. These student-led TEDdyX presentations are a testament to DSB's commitment to fostering independent research and critical thinking. Their insights promise a fresh perspective on topics beyond traditional education.

Student Writing Showcases

Literary artistry comes alive as award-winning student authors take center stage. Engage with their narratives, critiques, and visions, a testament to DSB's commitment to nurturing diverse talents and providing platforms for excellence.

Networking Lunch

Sustenance meets sophistication at the Beyond Boundaries Symposium. We understand the importance of nourishment for both the mind and body, so to ensure attendees are energized throughout, a sumptuous array of food and beverages will be available.

Highlighting the event's gastronomic offerings is the Networking Lunch on Saturday, 21st. This isn't just a meal; it's an opportunity. Connect with fellow attendees, strike up collaborations, or simply share insights over a meticulously curated spread. It's not just about the flavors on your plate but the ideas in the air. Join us, dine, and discuss, making the most of this unique networking opportunity.

Voices of Tomorrow: Student-Led Podcasts

Amidst the intellectual fervor of the Beyond Boundaries Symposium, tune into the fresh and insightful voices of our student podcasters. Harnessing the power of modern media, these budding journalists will be scattered throughout the event, microphones in hand, ready to capture the pulse of the symposium.

Engage & Share: Whether you're an attendee, panelist, or distinguished speaker, our podcasters are eager to hear your thoughts. Engage in candid conversations, share your insights, or simply reflect on the day's revelations.

Diverse Perspectives From seasoned educators to first-time attendees, our student podcasters aim to weave a tapestry of perspectives, offering listeners a 360-degree view of the symposium.

Live & On-Demand: While some interviews will be streamed live, offering real-time reactions and insights, all podcasts will be available on-demand post-symposium. Relive the experience, dive deeper into topics, or catch up on missed moments at your convenience.

Join this vibrant community of learners and thinkers, and become a part of the auditory chronicle of the Beyond Boundaries Symposium. With our student podcasters at the helm, every voice counts, every story matters.

With a tapestry of thought-provoking discussions, skill-building workshops, and showcases of sheer talent, the Beyond Boundaries Symposium beckons.

Join us in this educational renaissance, shaping tomorrow today.