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Keynote Address - Dr. Howard Gee: Balancing Individualized Learning and Collective School Missions

At the DSB Symposium 2023, our esteemed Principal, Dr Howard Gee, delivered a profound speech on balancing individualized learning with the collective mission of modern schools. This speech offered a deep dive into the nuances of contemporary education.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Howard Gee: Serving as Principal of DSB for over five years and part of the school for more than nine, Dr. Gee is a fervent advocate for inclusive and holistic education. He is known for his strong opposition to the reductionist approach to education that merely focuses on grades, emphasizing instead the broader, transformative power of learning.

Keynote Highlights

Individualized Learning: Dr. Gee explored the importance of tailoring educational experiences to meet the unique needs of each student, ensuring a more personalized and effective learning journey.

Collective Educational Mission: He discussed how schools can maintain a collective vision and mission while fostering individualized learning approaches, striking a balance between the two. Critique of Reductionist Approaches: A critical examination of the current educational trends that prioritize grades over holistic development, advocating for a more rounded and enriching educational experience.

Why Watch?

For Educators and School Leaders: Gain insights into how to create and implement educational strategies that honour both individual student needs and the overarching goals of your school.

For Students and Parents: Understand the importance of a balanced educational approach that values personal growth as much as academic achievement.

For Education Reform Advocates: Explore thought-provoking perspectives on moving beyond traditional education models that focus solely on grades.

Engage with Our Community

We invite viewers to contribute to this important conversation by sharing your thoughts and experiences related to individualized learning and collective educational missions. Your participation adds valuable depth to this dialogue.

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Note: Stay tuned for more enlightening content from DSB Symposium 2023, as we continue to explore and discuss the evolving landscape of modern education.

Watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYhauXVXLfo