Dear DSB International School Community,

Welcome to the academic year of 2019-20 during which we will be focusing on fostering a culture of excellence and growth in our school community.

It is a source of great pride to me to be leading a school that embraced and inspired me when I first came to India. This year we are focusing on putting in place the foundations for sustained and substantial improvement in academic outcomes. We are following the lead of all great schools around the world and embedding a culture of research based practice. We have initiated a programme of educational research and are providing opportunities for greater collaboration both among teachers within school and with other schools, both in India, and abroad.

We are an international school with students and teachers from across the globe and from many varied communities within India. Our culture of respect and valuing each other ensures that together we can learn from each other to understand different perspectives. The importance of intercultural competence is greater than ever in the world of further study and employment that our students will be entering. Developing this skill is an expectation of all international schools. It lies at the heart of who we are.

Learning is a process that never ends, hence our vision: Growing Learning Minds. This expresses our commitment to lifelong learning to all members of our community - a commitment that ensures the provision of the highest quality education for each and every student.

Finally this is an exciting year as we will be moving our upper primary and secondary school from our Aurum House Campus to a new, purpose built school, on the same site as the French school in Lower Parel. With this, we will be creating a Eurocampus which will provide for us an opportunity to work closely in collaboration for mutual benefit.

I look forward to another exciting and enjoyable year at DSB where we are all Life Long Learners.


Dr. Howard Gee