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This is known as Key Stage 3 and covers Grades 6 to 8. In this stage, students are introduced to subjects as distinct disciplines and start to learn about the different ways of knowing whilst retaining the exciting and explorative learning of the earlier key stages.

Subjects offered in KS3 are:

English, German, Marathi, and French or Hindi as Second Languages, History, Geography, Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE), Science, Computing, Design and Technology, Mathematics, Art, Music, Drama and Physical education. Students new to the English language are given separate lessons in English as an additional language but typically follow the rest of the curriculum in English. Native German speakers have appropriate Deutsch lessons plus may opt for some other subjects in German.

The Lower Secondary curriculum is built upon the learning objectives from the English National Curriculum. As in Primary, it is tailored to our identity as a British International School with strong German roots operating in India. We are the only school in Mumbai to offer the English National Curriculum which supports strong learning. It provides a clear and logical progression of skills development in all subject areas. Within DSB, we treat the curriculum as a strong framework on which we develop interesting and innovative learning opportunities at all levels. The flexibility in the curriculum enables plenty of opportunities for extension and following exciting new ideas. We enrich this curriculum with schemes of learning from varied sources and a rich diversity of teaching materials. Following the National Curriculum, gives us access to varied assessment tools that ensure we can monitor progress in the core subjects of Literacy/English, Numeracy/Mathematics and Science and compare the progress of our students with English and British international schools. Click here to learn more about the curriculum.

Our KS3 subject curricula are far more than just a series of academic learning objectives. Threaded throughout their design is the intention to develop the learner profile of the IB Diploma Programme. Equally it ensures our students are developing as internationally-minded citizens of a digital age with an inherent understanding of the value and importance of diversity and with a love of knowledge that provides the foundations for their future success in study and life beyond.

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of our Secondary programme - please reach out to our Head of Secondary Camille Gautier headofsecondary@dsbindia.com

As a school, learning is at the heart of our vision and our mission. Our philosophy of learning extends beyond the academic curriculum to include developing the skills and attributes for success in line with our mission and vision. We truly believe in Growing Learning Minds.

In secondary, students follow either the English National Curriculum or the Curriculum of Thueringen up to grade 8. Learning objectives from these curricula are delivered through innovative and varied lessons and content and context are flexible to reflect our international status. An exciting addition is the Big History Project (from Macquarie University Australia) which starts with the Big Bang and truly exemplifies cross-curricular, skills based learning. Learning is supported by many exciting initiatives, competitions and excursions to provide authenticity and intrinsic interest. Our programmes are rigorous and ambitious, but students are supported by a strong team of educators.