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5 Burning Questions in Education: Engaging Insights from DSB Leadership Team

Members of the DSB Leadership Team conducted a panel discussion to address '5 Burning Questions in Education.'

Alexander Harris, Camille Gautier, Howard Gee, and Richard and Stephanie Holt discussed some of the most pressing and challenging issues facing educators today.

Panelists' Profiles

Alexander Harris: A leadership expert with extensive experience in education and the corporate sector, Alexander has worked with major corporations like JP Morgan and Accenture. He is an accomplished writer and author of "Education Generation," with a keen interest in leadership and educational policy.

Camille Gautier: Head of Secondary at DSB International School, Camille brings over 14 years of experience in education. She is known for her expertise in foreign languages, ESL, and teacher training, and is a co-author of the DP French B Kognity textbook.

Howard Gee: Principal of DSB for over five years, Howard is passionate about education being a holistic journey rather than a mere pursuit of grades. His approach emphasizes the importance of education as a gift for all.

Stephanie Holt: Director of Learning and Teaching with over 20 years of global educational experience. Stephanie has made significant contributions in various roles, including founding SkillsMastery, and is dedicated to empowering educators and students alike.

Discussion Highlights

Tackling Key Educational Questions: The panel engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on critical issues such as the balance between academic achievement and holistic development, the impact of technology in education, and strategies for inclusive learning.

Diverse Perspectives: With their varied backgrounds and experiences, the panelists offered a rich tapestry of insights and viewpoints on these pressing questions.

Future of Education: Insights into how schools and educators can adapt and thrive in the evolving educational landscape.

Why Watch?

For Educators and School Leaders: Gain a multi-faceted understanding of contemporary educational challenges and potential solutions.

For Students and Parents: Learn about the thought processes and considerations that go into shaping educational policies and practices.

For Education Enthusiasts: Engage with a high-level discussion that touches upon the core issues and future directions of education.

Engage with Our Community

We encourage viewers to contribute to the conversation by sharing your thoughts and additional questions on the topics discussed. Your engagement helps deepen the collective understanding of educational challenges and solutions.

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Watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gtgtT-4QtA