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Panel Discussion: Navigating the Future of Education with Bernhard Steinruecke and Richard Hester

Esteemed educational leaders and visionaries Bernhard Steinruecke and Richard Hester conducted an insightful panel discussion at DSB Symposium 2023 alongside students and teachers from DSB International School. This engaging session provided a unique blend of perspectives, from boardroom insights to classroom experiences, shaping the future of education.

Panelists' Profiles

Bernhard Steinruecke: Director General at Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of DSB since 2004, and a veteran leader with a rich history in both the banking sector and educational governance.

Richard Hester: Former head teacher with 15 years of experience in international schools, currently serving as Director of Misk Schools Academy. A passionate advocate for teacher and leader development, Richard's work is grounded in the High Performance Learning philosophy.

Discussion Highlights

Educational Leadership: Bernhard Steinruecke and Richard Hester shared insights on the evolving landscape of educational leadership and governance.

Teacher and Leader Development: Richard Hester shared his experience in curating strategic CPD and leadership training, emphasizing the importance of continuous professional development in education.

High Performance Learning: Explored the application of High Performance Learning philosophy in modern educational settings.

Student and Teacher Perspectives: Valuable contributions from DSB students and teachers, offering a ground-level view of how these leadership philosophies and strategies impact day-to-day learning.

Why Watch?

Diverse Perspectives: Gain a comprehensive understanding of educational leadership from the top-tier management to the dynamic classroom environment.

Innovative Approaches: Learn about the latest trends and philosophies in education, including High Performance Learning and strategic development.

Real-World Applications: Discover how these strategies are implemented in schools and their impact on student and teacher performance.

Engage with Us

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Watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjObbM3xYDg