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IBDP: An International Perspective

This event has already taken place. A video recording of the panel discussion can be found on this page.

Join our panel of school leaders and teachers with extensive international experience, as well as recent IB students, as we discuss the nature of the IB as an international curriculum.

We will be exploring the utility and application of the IB’s distinctive philosophy and methods by asking questions like:

  • Does the IB meet the needs of its global learning community?
  • Who is it for and how well does it prepare them?
  • How important is it to have an international perspective informing practice in school?

We expect a lively discussion and several challenging thoughts. Don’t be shy about sending us your own questions!

Get to Know our Panellists:

Amogh Desai

I completed my ICSE board examinations at St. Mary's in 2014 and then proceeded to join DSB for the IB programme. After graduating in 2016, I pursued an LLB degree at the University of Warwick. I completed my degree this year and am set to join the University of Bournemouth for the Legal Practice Course in October.

Outside of academics, two of my biggest passions are music and sports. I feel that these have the capacity to help you briefly escape the realities of life and put you in a better frame of mind.

Frank Braccia

Frank Braccia is the founding Head of School for Goldcrest International, an IBDP school in Navi Mumbai, and has been in India since 2011. His international teaching career started in 1991, and he has been in IB schools since 1994, having worked in Syria, Finland, Germany, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Grand Cayman, Norway, and India. He is a native of the United States and holds a B.A. in History from Temple University as well as an M.Ed. from Antioch University. He has taught IBDP Economics, IBDP History, IB Theory of Knowledge and MYP Humanities, and has been in school administration for 20 years

Frank is an IB visiting school team member, assisting schools in the IB authorization process, as well as a workshop leader running workshops for young teachers and school administrators. He also serves as Chair for the IB Heads Association Western Division, covering Maharashtra and Gujarat, and has been the vice president of the Indian IB Heads Association since 2019.

Junie Michel

Before joining DSB as a Learning Leader, Junie Michel taught the IB, UK, and US curricula across four continents. She has been an examiner for the IBO for nine years.

She believes in the transformative nature of education. This means that learning should challenge students to think critically and abstractly to construct their own meaning. Additionally, education should provide students with the skills necessary to effectively navigate the world outside the classroom.

Junie holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and is pursuing a masters in Educational Leadership.

Katrin Fox

Katrin Fox is currently IBWS Manager, after she joined the IB as DP School Services Manager AEM in 2014. She supports a portfolio of authorized IB World Schools offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) in 41 different countries.

Katrin has extensive experience of IB programme implementation in state schools, semi-state schools, and private schools, as well as in different cultural contexts and school communities. She gathered this in her current role and in various professional roles as a school leader, teacher, consultant, IBDP examiner, co-author, and school visitor. She also works with government bodies, e.g. with educational authorities in Germany and Russia.

She has lived and worked in Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand and the Netherlands and has travelled extensively.

Neha Bhudia

Neha is an alumnus of DSB International School, having completed the IBDP in 2019. During her time at DSB, Neha founded TEDxDSBInternationalSchool and was actively involved in the debate, Model United Nations, and the Student Council.

Neha currently studies Biochemical Engineering at UCL, studying the transformation of discoveries in the life sciences into tangible and scalable products such as vaccines, regenerative medicine, and biofuels. She currently is the President at the UCL Engineering Society, the largest STEM Society at UCL. With an interest in starting a career in investment banking, Neha is excited by the growth potential biotechnology and healthcare hold.

Richard Bartlett

Richard Bartlett is the Principal of DSB International School. Prior to this he spent 20 years as Principal/Head of IB World Schools in Germany and Turkey, and has also taught IBDP English and TOK.